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A Creative Design & Imaging Studio.
We specialize in corporate branding & marketing solutions for businesses.


We are the one-stop-shop for your business branding and marketing needs!

The Way We Work

1. CONCEPT: They say a picture paints a thousand words… We paint a picture to convey your story to your customer. We can help you develop your concept or create a concept to fit your brand.

2. DESIGN: We create elegant, edgy and contemporary graphics that are inspired by tradition and tuned to perfection. We excel in designs the have motion and pop to grab the viewers attention.

3. APPLICATION: This is the fusion of art and innovation to create unforgettable marketing tools that will set you apart from the rest. We will carry your brand image throughout your collateral.

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Our Work

Because... Basic is boring.


• Graphic Design
• Print
• Photography
• Apparel
• Web
• Vehicle Graphics

design. print. photo. web.


With over 20 years of design experience. We've got you covered!

Mike Magaldi

Owner & Creative Director

Having 20+ years of art/painting experience and 7 years of professional design experience under his belt, Mike is the owner and creative director for Red Star Productions.

Art + Innovation

Leaves a lasting impression!


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